Musica da Camera

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Enquire about becoming a performer

We are always seeking new players, although this must be done in a measured sense to ensure that the stucture of the orchestra is maintained.  Let us know your contact details, your instrument, and a bit about your experience performing in orchestras and playing chamber music.  Thanks to people who have recently emailed. We will be contacting you soon.

Send us an email with the subject: "Joining Musica da Camera."

In the main message tell us:-

   Your name

   Methods of contact - your email address, phone, mobile.

   Your standard and experience.  If you have done AMEB grade exams, then the last grade you passed is useful to us. Please tell us if you have played in professional or amateur orchestras (when and for how long). If you are a music educator, please tell us what you teach.

Send the email to