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Photos from Program 1, 2015  --  Sunday 3 May Concert at Gunning

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Nov 13

Photos from Program 2, 2015  --  Saturday 8 Aug Concert in Canberra and Sunday 9 Aug Concert in Cooma

Recordings from the 3May15 concert.

From: Leonard Weiss

Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 10:52 AM

Subject: MdC recordings and concert thanks

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of conducting two excellent concerts with you last weekend! It was an absolute pleasure to perform such challenging repertoire with ease, and to work with musicians of such high standing.

Below are recordings of our Sunday concert in Gunning. The sound is remarkably clear considering the improvised micing!

1 Copland

2 Williams

3 Vivaldi

4 Whitacre

5 Kelly

6 Shostakovich

7 Rutter


I do hope that you enjoy these recordings as much as I enjoyed two very successful concerts.

Thank you and looking forward to the next performance!



Leonard Weiss

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Concert Recordings, program 3/2015

Click on "Sat  Concert" or "Sun Concert" below to access recordings made at our two recent concerts. Each recording is a whole work, and may take a minute or two to load.

Acoustics are better in the Sunday concerts, but there was an electrical hum in the first half that came through clearly on the recording!

Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741)

     Concerto Grosso in D Minor Op 3, No. 11

              click and hear: Sat Concert.    Sun Concert.

Bach, Carl Philip Emanual (1714-1788)

     Symphony for Strings No. 2 in Bb Major

           click and hear: Sat Concert.    Sun Concert.

Hindermith, Paul(1895-1963)

     Five Pieces for String Orchestra

             click and hear : Sat Concert.    Sun Concert.

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710-1736)


        click and hear: Sat Concert.    Sun Concert.

Nielsen, Carl (1865-1931)

     Suite for Strings

             Click and hear: Sat Concert.    Sun Concert.

Program 3/2016 -- links to the recording of the Sunday concert are below!

Please note these links are for use by MdC members only

Couperin, Francois (1668-1733)

     Pieces en Concert for 'Cello & Strings   (approx - 5:00)

>>>Click to listen

Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1897-1958)  

     The Charterhouse Suite                          (approx - 15:30)

>>>Click to listen

Shostakovich, Dimitri (1906-1975)

     Four Preludes                                        (approx - 6:00)

>>>Click to listen

Respighi, Ottorino (1879-1936)

      Pastoral (1908)                                     (approx - 12:30)

>>>Click to listen       

Leyden, Norman (1917-2014)

      Serenade for String Orchestra           (approx - 11:00)

>>>Click to listen