Musica da Camera


Next Concert: High Court Sun 7 April

Our first concert for 2019 will be a program of works directed by renowned violinist, Barbara Gilby.

The program will include Vivaldi Concerto for Strings, Tchaikovsky Andante, "Kreisler" favourites, and the Janacek Suite for Strings.

Barabra directs the orchestra from the first chair, so this will be a true chamber music experience.

Rehearsals are just kicking off. More details directly.

Early warning for concert goers.

Although this concert will be free, it is necessary to register your attendance before-hand with the High Court website. Registrations open 1 month before the concert.

When the time comes go to

find our concert and click "Register".

Musica da Camera

Musica da Camera usually presents three programs of string music per year.  Generally, each program is presented twice, with a concert in Canberra and a concert in a nearby regional community. We also prepare some programs for special events.

Musica da Camera plays music from the string orchesta repertoire, from Baroque to Contemporary, sometimes with soloists. The orchestra engages a different conductor for each program, providing diversity of style and content.

2019 Concert Season

April 7th       Canberra at High Court of Aust

                    Directed by Barbara Gilby

June 22/23  Canberra/Gunning

                    Directed by Leonard Weiss

August tbc   Canberra Baroque works

Nov 16/17   Canberra/Cooma

                    Directed by Shilong Ye

Canberra's Premier String Orchestra