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Concert programs 2015 and beyond...

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November 2015 Concert

Conductor: Jonathan McFeat

Soloist: Rebecca Carpenter (Flute)

    C.P.E. Bach: Sinfonia No.2

    Pergolesi: Concerto per il Flauto Solo

    Hindemith: Fünf Stücke

    Nielsen: Suite for String Orchestra


Concert Review

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August 2015 Concert

Conductor: Michael Sollis

Soloists: Greg Stenning (trumpet), Kiri Sollis and Friends (Flutes)

    George Antheil: Serenade for String Orchestra No.1 (1948)

    Bieber: Sonata tam aris quam aulis servientes IV

    Halim El-Babh: Aria_for_Strings

    Charles Ives: The Unanswered Question

    Eric Ewazen: Trumpet Concerto

PRINTED PROGRAM to be published shortly

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May 2015 Concert

Conductor: Leonard Weiss

    F.S. Kelly: Elergy for String Orchestra

    Shostakovich: Chamber Symphonie, Op 110A

    Vivaldi: Concerto in G Major, RV151.

    John Rutter: Suite for Strings.

    Eric Whitacre: October.

    Aaron Copland: Hoe Down from "Rodeo"

    John Williams: Theme from "Schindler's List".


Concert Review

November 2014 Concert

Conductor: Michael Sollis

Soloists: James Huntingford, Kiri Sollis

    J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in d-minor

    Colin Brumby: The Phoenix and the Turtle

    Albert Roussel: Sinfonietta

    J.S. Bach: Concerto in d-minor BWV 1052R

   Goerecki: Harpsichord Concerto.


August 2014 Concert

Musical Director: Gillian Bailey-Graham

    George Friedrich Handel: Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 5

    Edward Elgar: Serenade for String Orchestra in e-minor

    Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion

    Ralph Vaughan Williams: Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra

    Fritz Kreisler: Liebesleid and Liebesfreud.


May 2014 Concert

Conductor: Leonard Weiss

    Tomaso Albinoni: Sonata for String Orchestra

    Joshua Healey: Sanguinary Nyarubuye (World Premiere)

    Ralph Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on theme by Thomas Tallis

    Pietro Locatelli: Concerto Grosso No 2 in C minor

    Ottorino Respighi: Berceuse

    Robert Fuchs: Serenade Op 9


Further Concerts being added as we convert to digital archives

Who is Musica da Camera ?

Musica da Camera is a Canberra-based string chamber orchestra that consists of professional musicians, music educators and talented instrumental enthusiasts.

Musica da Camera was formed in Canberra in 1979 as a small baroque ensemble. Over the years and under successive musical directors it has grown in size and its repertoire has expanded to embrace chamber music of all styles and periods.  In recent years it has given Australian Premiers of a number of contemporary works for string orchestra.

Musica da Camera celebrates its successes by recording its printed concert programs and critiques. From this page you can get access to archived programs from recent years.

Musica da Camera, August 2014

Musica da Camera Concert, Cook, August 2015

Greg Stenning, trumpet, Cook, August 2015

Jonathan McFeat (Directing) and Rebecca Carpenter (Flute), Cook, Nov 2015

Jonathan McFeat, directing from the keboard, Cook, Nov 2015

Other 2016 Concert programs

By clicking on the "program" links, you can see the printed programs from past concerts with notes on works played and the plerformers

27th, 28th August 2016 Concert Program 2

Conductor, Leonard Weiss

     Parry, C Hubert H: Lady Radnor's Suite for String Orchestra,

     Handel: Concerto Grosso fOp. 6, No. 12.

     Dag Wirren: erenade for Strings

     Graeme Koehne: Divertissement: Trois Piece Bourgeoises

     Janacek: Suite for Strings

PRINTED PROGRAM to be published shortly

Concert review -- see **here**

14th, 15th May 2016 Concert Program 1

Conductor, Rowan Harvey Martin

     Parry, C Hubert H: An English Suite for String Orchestra, 1914

     Bloch, Ernest: Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra & Piano Obligato.

     Respighi, Ottorino: Ancient Airs and Dances (for Lute) Suite III. 1932.

     Skalkottas, Nikos: Five Greek Dances

PRINTED PROGRAM to be published shortly

Concert review and photos-- see Home page

Great Nov Concert, concluding the 2016 program

With Barbara Jane Gilby leading the orchestra rather than conducting, we performed as a conductor-less orchestra. We're very happy with the result. The crit as published by the Canberra Critics Circle: says it all.

Len Power woite...

Under the direction of violinist, Barbara Jane Gilby, Musica da Camera presented a program in which four of the five items were arrangements or transformations of the composer’s original work.

The first item, ‘Charterhouse Suite For Strings’ by Vaughan Williams was written for piano in 1920 and arranged for strings by musicologist, James Brown.  It’s a characteristic Vaughan-Williams work, rich and melodic, and it was played with great feeling by the orchestra.  The second and fifth movements were especially appealing.

Couperin’s ‘Pieces en Concert’ were composed for harpsichord and were set for cello and strings by Paul Bazelaire.  Cello soloist, Anneliese McGee-Collett, played these beautifully with strong accompaniment from the orchestra.  The nicely reflective ‘Plainte’ and the sprightly ‘Air de Diable’ were particularly well played.

Arranged for strings by violinist, Lazer Gosman, four of Shostakovich’s piano solo ’24 Preludes Op. 34’ proved to be a great showcase for the orchestra and leader, Barbara Jane Gilby.  Constantly unpredictable, these haunting pieces were especially enjoyable.

Respighi’s ‘Pastorale’ of 1908 is described as ‘a free transcription of Tartini Sonata in A’ from the 18th century.  Before commencing, Barbra Jane Gilby explained to the audience the scordatura technique employed for this work.  Literally ‘mistuning’ in Italian, scordatura is a tuning of a stringed instrument different from the normal, standard tuning to allow for special effects or unusual chords or timbre.  The tuning of the lead violin in this way produced an unusual and pleasing depth sound against playing of the rest of the orchestra.

The final work presented, Norman Leyden’s ‘Serenade for String Orchestra’, commenced with a dramatic Prelude and was followed by a strong Fugue, a nicely ethereal Nocturne and a rollicking Cakewalk to finish.  The orchestra’s expert playing of this American work was a great finale to the afternoon’s concert.

2017 Concert November program

A landmark program for Musica da Camera with inspired direction by our guest conductor and truely outstanding viola playing by our solist

4th, 5th Nov 2017 Concert Program 4

Music from Mannheim

Conductor, Christian Renggli

Viola Soloist, Justin Julian

1. Johann Stamitz, Sinfonia in G

2. Johann Stamitz, Sinfonia in E-flat major

3. Carl Philipp Stamitz, Concerto for Viola

4. Franz Xaver Richter, Sinfonie in G major

5. Franz Ignaz Beck, Overturas I

6. Carl Philipp Stamitz, Orchestral quartet Op.4, No. 1 in C major

PRINTED PROGRAM to be published shortly

Concert review -- see **here**

November 2017 concert.

"Mannheim to the max" - Len Power's Review

" FROM the opening bars of the first item in the Musica da Camera presentation, it was clear that this concert would have a dynamism that would be exciting, dramatic and very enjoyable.


The first work played – the [Stamitz] Sinfonia in G minor – required the orchestra to start at the top of its form. Conductor Christian Renggli ensured that the playing was crisp, accurate and colourful from the dramatic opening, through the nicely reflective second movement and on to the exciting finale.


"Violist Justin Julian joined the orchestra along with additional brass and wind instruments for the Viola Concerto in D major by Carl Stamitz. Often set for auditions for viola players, this work is a great showcase for the instrument and the performer. Justin Julian played with great feeling and precision and the orchestral accompaniment for this melodic and emotional work was excellent.


"Christian Renggli produced an excellent concert with the orchestra, giving the audience a keener appreciation of the works and composers of the influential Mannheim School."

For the whole article on the Citinews website   Click Here

Musica da Camera at the High Court  

1:30pm Sunday 15th April 2018

Musica da Camera celebrated being part of the Canberra music scene for 40 years with a special concert of string orchestra music. The orchestra was directed from the first chair by Barbara-Jane Gilby, concertmaster of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

The concert featured the viola soloist Lucy Carrigy-Ryan and exploited the acoustics of the High Court building with works including Paul Hindemith’s Trauermusik, Edward Elgar’s Serenade and the Whirling Dance from Graham Koehne's Shaker Dances, .

Click HERE to read the review on the Canberra Critic's Circle website.

MdC presents Winter Strings, 30June/1 July

Works by Warlock, Fauré, Mendelssohn, Handel, Sibelius and Vivaldi to warm the audience. (... and afterwards, Champagne to continue our 40th birthday celebrations.)

Director: Jonathan McFeat

Guitar soloist: Liam O'Connell

Warlock Capriol Suite

Faure Pavane with solo guitar

Handel Concerto Grosso Op 6 no 2

Mendelssohn String Symphony No 10

Sibelius Impromptu

Vivaldi Alla Rustica

Violin1: John*, Christine, Sue, Heng, Ian

Violin2: Rose*, Sarah, Heather, Jeustelle, Diana.

Viola: Paul, Dorothy, Jane and Shilong

Cello: Phil*, Margaret, Helen

Bass: Eric

* soloists in the concerto grosso

30 June "Winter strings" program acclaimed!

Highlights from Len Power's review in

'The well-chosen program of works by Warlock, Fauré, Mendelssohn, Handel, Sibelius and Vivaldi warmed the audience with fine playing under the baton of Jonathan McFeat....

... the Capriol Suite.... After a bright opening, the second quiet, reflective dance was especially well-played. The dramatic dances and finale that followed were vibrant and strongly performed.

... Solo guitarist Liam O’Connell presented [Gabriel Fauré’s “Pavane” ] in an arrangement for guitar and string orchestra.The arrangement was a good showcase for O’Connell’s talented guitar playing ...

... a strong and enjoyable performance of Mendelssohn’s “String Symphony No. 10”. .... really brought out the full colour and emotion in the music in the dramatic sections of the work.

... a well-played Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 2 by George Frideric Handel. It was very clear that the orchestra members were particularly enjoying playing this work.

...  “Impromptu Nos. 5 and 6” by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius proved to be the highlight of the concert. ... highly atmospheric and were played with great feeling and sensitivity ...

... a rousingly good performance of old favourite, “Concerto for Strings in G alla Rustica” by Vivaldi.

...another highly enjoyable concert.'

Please read the full review <here>